BUYER BEWARE: Popular Mechanics

First of all, let’s be clear. This isn’t a review of the content in Popular Mechanics’ magazines. If you’re looking for that, click the next Google result.

This is, though, a brief post about my experiences with Popular Mechanics’  shady ways to trick you into thinking you renewed your subscription, and pay up.

I have been a Popular Mechanics subscriber for about 2 years. The first year, I was given a free subscription through a promotion another company was running. The second, I payed for. This year, 2012, would start the 3rd year if I were to renew my subscription.

Now, that’s my side of the story. But Popular Mechanics’ side is completely different. They say that I already renewed my subscription, that I asked them to “bill me later” and now the payment is due.

Checkout the pictures below.

This has been happening for at least two months now. About twice a month I get an envelope and a short letter basically saying “You owe us money, pay now.” And it even looks official(Check the above envelope pictures).

I wanted to raise awareness of this scheme, and let everyone know that if you receive these letters (or emails), it’s just a scam.

I did some research online to see if I was alone or if this has happened before, and I found a few scam report websites with stories like mine just by doing a Google search. To read them click here.
To summarize, don’t send money to ANYONE, a big company or someone you’ve never heard of, who tells you that you subscribed to them. And if you’re unsure, look through any reciepts and emails to see if you did, in fact sign up, as these companies are legally obligated to send you a confirmation.

Goodbye, Popular Mechanics. Have a nice life….or not.