The new iPad is “NEW”, not EPIC.

“Do you have the new iPad?”

“No, i have the old, ehem, I mean the 2nd generation.”

Apple’s marketing strategy never fails to intrigue me. For example, with the 3rd gen iPad, instead of calling it the “iPad 3” or something else, they called it “new”.

How does this help them get into your pocketbook? Simple. By telling you:

“Yours is old now.”

 Of course that won’t be in any of their ads, but your subconscious just fills in the blank. And that, my friend, is what Apples marketing is all about.

Most people are asking themselves a couple of questions.

“Do I need this “new” iPad, and what’s so resolutionary about it?”

“Can I enjoy the iPad 2 or even the 1st iPad, without feeling it’s suddenly old?

With a higher-res screen(2048 x 1536 instead of 1024 x 768), a faster processor chip, 4GLTE capability, and a 5mp camera on it’s rear, the  3rd generation iPad is surely something new.

But, is a “better” screen, faster processor chip and better camera an automatic yes from you? In light of the fact that we’re in a recession, this choice is likely fairly easy to make.

Even if you aren’t struggling financially, though, many smart phones have upwards of 8mp cameras, and most of us don’t really use enough data to need the extra speed of 4G LTE.

The choice remains yours, but here’s a funny iPad promo spoof that may brighten your day 🙂